Why Digitize?

You’ll Save Money

Our digital office solution gets you organized, so your resources can be better used elsewhere.

You’ll Reduce Clutter and Inefficiency

A messy office is an inefficient one. Our solution cuts the clutter, so you can focus on business.

You’ll Have Easy Access to Your Documents on Any Device

Whether at the office or in the field, your documents are accessible from anywhere on any device.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your need for paper, printing, and storage solutions, helping your business consume fewer natural resources.

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Patrick MacIntyre

IMX Inc.

By utilizing Snap-File, I’m now able to easily manage all content for the multiple businesses and properties I operate in one simple system. Additionally, I can now access and use the content from every location.

The Full Snap-File Service

Thorough Consultation

Snap-File aims to understand all facets of your business and how you work. This process helps us design and implement effective workflows.

Workflow Mapping

Snap-File designs digital workflows to replace your old, paper-heavy workflows.

Folder Structuring

Your new digital office uses a familiar structure to organize your data. The only difference is that your folders now live in the cloud rather than your physical office.


Forget doing it yourself. Our team is experienced to get all jobs, whether big or small done in a snap.

Migration and Optimization

After scanning, we migrate your files to the cloud, make them keyword searchable (cool!), then encrypt them for security.

Training & Follow-Up

Once your digital office is set up, we ensure that you have all of the information you need to use your new digital office effectively. We will train you and your staff, and check back to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Christina Passalaqua

Happy Tails Inc.

The Snap-File staff was very thorough and explained the technology and process very well. Made it all so easy. Thank you!

Great for These Businesses & More!

Medical & Dental

Medical and Dental offices have a need for massive amounts of data storage. Our secure and HIPAA compliant service is the solution you’re looking for.

Legal Offices

Legal offices can benefit immensely from our solution. Having access to your documents in a keyword-searchable fashion makes quick work of audits and eDiscovery.

Auto Repair

Snap-File provides an easy system for data storage and retrieval. Imagine accessing specific parts of service manuals from a tablet in seconds.

Financial Services

The amount of paper used by financial services institutions is mind-boggling. Even more mind-boggling is the thought of having to go through it all to find specific information. Snap-File makes it so easy!

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